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The Brain for Top to Bottom

The Brain for Top to Bottom

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Written by Hunter   
Sunday, 14 December 2008 22:13


"The Brain from Top to Bottom" is a great site provided by McGill University and it will cater to high school students as well as college or university students. In fact, when reading an article, you get to choose at what level you want to read: beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can also start to read it at the beginner level and if you understood most of it, you can re-read it at the intermediate or advanced level.

In addition, when the site title says "From Top to Bottom", it also refers to the levels of organization. The reader can learn more about the brain at the molecular, cellular, neurological, psychological or social level. The website is useful for biology courses, but also for psychology and sociology courses as well.


The website is also divided by themes. Among the theme, you will find memory, pleasure and pain, emotions, evolution, movement, senses, mental disorders, development, language, sleep and dreams and consciousness. It is a gold mine of information in both French and English for high school teachers who refer to the brain in their classes.

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