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41. Nursery Tales
(Lessons/Nursery Tales)
... she raced; And tried what she could, as a shepherdess should, That each tail should be properly placed. A carrion crow sat upon an oak, Fol de rol, de rol, de rol, de ri do, ...
42. February
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
... their nests. There is a man ploughing the field. In a few days the farmer will sow it with barley. Wheat is sown in the autumn. In some places oxen draw the plough instead of horses.  ...
43. English Grammar Quizzes Using JavaScript
(Software for teachers/Software for teachers)
... pronouns, punctuation, misplaced words, prepositions, participles, etc. It comes with five level of difficulty : easy, easy to medium, medium, medium to difficult and difficult. All the quizzes are written ...
44. Kids Gardening
(Software for teachers/Software for teachers)
... Every Age, What Turns Kids On and Off to Gardening, Start With a Design, Growing Big; Garden Structures Kids Love, Theme Gardens, Plants Kids Love, Starting Small; A Place a Kid Can Call Her Own, Who’s ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
... of a color,—red, violet, green, etc. The players who are seated then close their eyes, and those who represent colors change places in the line. When they are rearranged, those who are seated open their ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
... to describe a large circle on the floor, with a sufficient length of rope to place the bag in line with the feet of those in the circle. The circle players jump to avoid being caught around the ankles ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
... When not used for athletic competition, any player failing in the jumping should change places with one of the turners; that is, should "take an end." I. Small Single Rope 1. Standing in one place, ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
... and should begin jumping as soon as his hand is touched by the return player. The first jumper goes at once to the foot of the line, which moves up one place each time that a jumper starts out, so that ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
... to the ground, the ponies have won and score a point, the riders exchanging places with them. If the ponies fail in this attempt, they must be ponies again. The side wins which has the highest score at ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
... whenever a player is touched or tagged, he must place his left hand on the spot touched, whether it be his back, knee, elbow, ankle, or any other part of the body, and in that position must chase the other ...
51. Childcare Topsites
(Web Links / Other Resources)
Owned By Leah's Place Childcare ...
52. Magical Places & Creative Spaces
(Web Links / Other Resources)
A site to help parents and preschool teachers find the answers to "Why?"
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