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I had a little nut tree, Nothing would it bear But a silver nutmeg, And a golden pear; The King of Spain's daughter Came to visit me, And all for the sake Of my little nut tree.  ...
... as a class teacher started the practice of class magazine by involving the children of class IX B in my school, Chinmaya Vidyalaya & now it became a feature of all the classes. An innovative class teacher ...
43. Reflecting on Vienna
...  Armed with their ideas, digital camera and a guide book, the delegates were set loose on the unsuspecting population of Vienna. The following morning the groups had time to refine their projects and submit ...
44. Oregon trail diary (5-11)
(Lesson Plans/Elementary School (K-5))
... lips and nose are cracked and parched, but this evening relief came with a thunderstorm which lit up the sky with all the lightning. Your animals became frightened, and you have to calm them down.  ...
... that provided students with content came from Shireland Collegiate Academy’s involvement in a cultural celebration event held at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. The event showcased the diverse dance and cultural ...
46. FREE ISS 3-D Teaching Tool: Spaceflight Challenge I
(Software for teachers/Software for teachers)
Hello! Today I came across the free Educational resources provided by the European space Agency available to teachers and pupils. The game Spaceflight challenge is free downloadable but to access the teachers ...
47. The Silly Little Lamb
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
... up, and there they lay as snug and warm and comfortable as could be, and nothing could get in to hurt them, and the dogs lay round on the outside to guard them, and to bark if any body came near; and in ...
48. Country Walk
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
... young ones; so we thought that this lark had been singing its long, sweet song in the air to cheer its mate, who was feeding their little ones in the nest. We then walked on, and soon came to the ...
49. Nursery Tales
(Lessons/Nursery Tales)
...  And eke you that have none, If you would have them safe abroad, Pray keep them safe at home. Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard, To give her poor dog a bone; But when she came ...
50. Snacks at the exploratorium
(Software for teachers/Software for teachers)
... Students can explore colours, mirrors, Bernoulli's principle, blind spot, center of gravity, magnetism, resonance, electroscope, geyser, batteries, pendulums, peripheral vision, pinhole camera, resonators, ...
(Lessons/Short Stories)
... before it, and men clutching each other and clutching children out of its way. At last, swooping at a street corner by a fountain, one of its wheels came to a sickening little jolt, and there was a loud ...
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