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... doing the grocery shopping and dropping of the dry cleaning, cooking dinner while folding laundry, putting laundry away and talking on the phone with Aunt Sara. These are real life situations that home ...
... appear? Why not use your garden planning time as the ultimate homeschool unit study? Don’t think of gardening as something that takes away from your academics time. Think of it as something that can enrich ...
43. Oregon trail diary (5-11)
(Lesson Plans/Elementary School (K-5))
...  The river was 200 yards wide, rapid and deep current. Animals swam, and it cost $4/wagon, .25/mule, .10/man. One of your children falls off the wagon and is swept away by the current and drowns.  ...
44. Laws - Who needs them? (7-9)
(Lesson Plans/Elementary School (K-5))
... and would end the "runaway" cart problem. Failure to keep parking lots cleared of shopping carts would result in a fine of $50 for each time it is observed. Additional fines would mean the grocery/drug ...
45. The Silly Little Lamb
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
... are not shut up, and why should we be shut up? I think it is very hard, and I will get away if I can, I am resolved; for I like to run about where I please, and I think it is very pleasant in the woods ...
46. Country Walk
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
... of little insects, which serve them for their food. I lifted Harry up to see them at their work, but he did not frighten them, and at some long way off we could still hear them tapping away. Just ...
47. Nursery Tales
(Lessons/Nursery Tales)
... in, The rest they ran away. Now, had these children been at home, Or sliding on dry ground, Ten thousand pounds to one penny, They had not all been drown'd. You parents that have children dear, ...
48. The Idle Boy
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
... with me?” But the bird said, “No, I must not be idle; I must get some hay to build my nest with, and some moss, and some wool.” So the bird flew away. Then the little boy saw a horse, and he said, “Horse! ...
49. April
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
... fine colours! Pretty bright rainbow! No, you cannot catch it; it is in the sky. It is going away. It fades. It is quite gone. I hear the cuckoo. He says, Cuckoo! cuckoo! He is come to tell us it is spring. ...
50. March
(Lessons/Simple Stories For Kids)
MARCH. Now the wind blows. It will blow such a little fellow as you away, almost. There is a tree blown down. Which way does the wind blow? Take out your handkerchief. Throw it up. The wind blows ...
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