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What does technology look like in 2019?

What does technology look like in 2019?

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Thursday, 12 March 2009 04:08

Microsoft Live Labs, the group of scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and others who brought us Photosynth have put

together this video of what they think technology will look like in the workplace and in everyday life in 2019 - 10 short years from now.

I love this video, and not just because it starts out with a possible education scenario (and includes several more at :50, 1:03, etc.). I love it because it seems like it could be real (it's not all robots and jetpacks) and includes applications of technology that I think would make my life and job easier.

I recently saw Microsoft "futurist" Dan Rasmus speak at an Innovative Schools event Microsoft hosted in Kent. Dan looks at the near future of information work and travels the world listening, learning and thinking about what work may look like 10 years from now. (I personally appreciate Dan's slogan on his blog "Being a futurist means never being wrong today." I think I'm in the wrong career.)

Dan's done some thinking on the future of education; when he was in England  in January he visited Eton College, where he spoke with students about developing scenarios for education in the next 10 years. You can read about these scenarios here. (Don't worry - I chided Dan during this visit about the future of education being for boys only, and he promised that he'd change some of the characters in his scenarios to girls...)

We'd love to hear what your students think about the future of education and how technology plays a part. What do they imagine learning will be like for their children? How will technology look in their home and workplace? How will it change their lives? Let us know what they're thinking, and we'll share with Dan and others at Microsoft headquarters.

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