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Teacher Resources: Quizinator for Teachers, Instructors, and HomeSchoolers

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Written by Hunter   
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 00:00


Quizinator is a free online application designed to help teachers and instructors create, manage, store, and print their educational documents.

Quizinator allows teachers to easily create a resource library of questions and answers, and group them by subject, category, levels and difficulty. Users can quickly create ad hoc worksheets, study sheets, handouts, exams, and quizzes, which they can print at any time, with or without answer keys, right from their browser. Images can be added to questions, and mathematical and chemical formulas and graphs can be easily inserted.

Since Quizinator is a centralized, online repository for all documents and their resource components, everything is kept in one place. Any changes to the library instantly update all documents that contain them. It's easy to make different versions of an exam. With Quizinator's drag and drop sorting capabilities, users can reorder questions and even their answers in a few seconds.

Users can create public links to any document making them available to anyone outside Quizinator, and can post them into any personal website, such as a blog, teacher webpage or Moodle account. By using public links, users don’t have to download files from Quizinator and upload them anywhere else. Additionally, public links are kept current since they always point to the newest version of the document.

For additional information, visit them: http://www.quizinator.com

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