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Written by Hunter   
Sunday, 05 October 2008 13:49



Where is?

Pacific Ocean     West of America.

Atlantic Ocean     East of America.

Northern Ocean     North of North America.

Southern Ocean     South of South America.

Indian Ocean     South of Asia.


Where is?

Amazon     In the northern part of S. America.

Mississippi     In the United States.

Missouri     In the United States.

Ohio     In the United States.

Arkansas     In the United States.

Connecticut     In the United States.

Hudson     In the Eastern States.

Susquehanna     Runs through Pennsylvania.

Delaware     Between Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Volga     In Russia.

Danube     Runs through Austria and Turkey.

Nile     In the northeastern part of Africa.


Where is?

Mediterranean Sea     Between Europe and Africa.

Black and Caspian     Between Europe and Asia.

North Sea     West of Europe.

Baltic Sea     West of Russia.

Caribbean Sea     North of South America.

Arabian Sea     South of Asia.

China Sea     South of China.

Red Sea     Between Africa and Asia.


Where is?

Baffin's Bay     West of Greenland.

Hudson's Bay     In British America.

Gulf of Mexico     South of the United States.

Bay of Biscay     West of France.

Gulf of Guinea     West of Africa.

Chesapeake Bay     In Maryland.

Delaware Bay     Between New Jersey and Delaware.


Where is?

Lake Superior     North of the United States.

Lake Michigan     In the northern part of the United States.

Lake Erie     North of the United States.

Lake Ontario     North of the United States.


Where are?

Rocky     In the western part of N. America.

Andes     In the western part of S. America.

Alleghany     In the eastern part of the United States.

Green     In Vermont.

White     In New Hampshire.

Ural     Between Europe and Asia.

Alps     North of Italy.

Pyrenees     Between France and Spain.


Where is?

Australia     Southeast of Asia.

Iceland     East of Greenland.

Cuba     South of the United States.

Madagascar     Southeast of Africa.

Nova Zembla     North of Russia.

Sicily     South of Italy.

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