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Written by Hunter   
Monday, 17 November 2008 00:18

10 to 60 or more players.

Playground; gymnasium; schoolroom.

The players are lined up in several single files behind a starting line which is drawn at from ten to fifty feet from a finishing line which should be parallel to it. At a signal the first players in each file, who have been standing with their toes on the starting line, jump forward with both feet at once and continue the jumping to the finish line, when they turn and run back to the starting line. Each player, on returning to the starting line, should touch the hand of the next player in his file, who should be toeing the line ready to start, and should begin jumping as soon as his hand is touched by the return player. The first jumper goes at once to the foot of the line, which moves up one place each time that a jumper starts out, so that the next following player will be in position on the line.

The file wins whose last player first gets back to the starting line.

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