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Written by Hunter   
Monday, 17 November 2008 00:14

5 to 60 or more players.

Playground; gymnasium; schoolroom.

This game is a variation of the old familiar game "Simon says," but calls for much more activity than the latter game.

The players stand in a circle, and in front of them the leader or teacher. The teacher says quickly, "I say, stoop!" and immediately stoops himself and rises again, somewhat as in a courtesy. The players all imitate the action; but when the leader says, "I say, stand!" at the same time stooping himself, the players should remain standing. Any who make a mistake and stoop when the leader says, "I say, stand!" are out of the game.

This may be made a very amusing little game to fill in a few dull moments, and when used in the schoolroom, it serves to refresh tired minds very quickly. The leader should speak and move very rapidly and make unexpected variations in the order in which the two commands are given.

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