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Written by Hunter   
Monday, 17 November 2008 00:12

5 to 60 players.

Schoolroom; parlor.

This game is a form of Hide the Thimble.

A thimble, cork, ring, or other small object may be used for hiding. All of the players leave the room save one, who places the object in plain sight but where it would not be likely to be seen, as on the top of a picture frame, in a corner on the floor, etc. It may be placed behind any other object, so long as it may be seen there without moving any object. This hiding will be especially successful if some hiding place can be found near the color of the object; for instance, if the object be of metal, to hang it from the key of a door, put it in the filigree of a vase, etc. When the object has been placed, the players are called into the room, and all begin to look for it. When one spies it, he does not at once disclose this fact to the others, but quietly takes his seat, and when seated, says, "Huckle, buckle, bean stalk!" which indicates that he knows where the object is. The game keeps on until all of the players have located the object, or until the teacher or leader calls the hunt closed. The first one to find the object hides it for the next game.

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