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Written by Hunter   
Monday, 17 November 2008 00:05

10 to 100 players.

Playground; gymnasium.

One player is It, or chaser, and changes places with any other player whom he can touch (tag). In this form of the game, however, any player may escape being tagged by hanging from anything overhead which will enable him to lift his feet from the floor. When played out of doors, where there are trees, players will naturally jump to catch hold of the branches of the trees. In a playground or gymnasium pieces of apparatus may be used for the same purpose. A player is considered immune if, instead of hanging by his hands, he throws himself across some obstacle, such as a fence, which enables him to lift his feet from the ground.

The game is very uninteresting if players each choose a place and remain close to it in the intervals of the game; but it may be made full of sport if each will take risks and run from point to point, taunting the one who is It by going as near him as possible, or allowing him to approach closely before springing for the overhead support. The one who is It may not linger near any player to the extent of trying to tire him out in the hanging position, but must move rapidly from one to another.

A very interesting form of this game for the gymnasium allows no two players to hang from the same piece of apparatus; the last one taking possession has the right to remain hanging on the apparatus, the one before him being obliged to run at once for another place. This keeps the players moving and makes the game very lively.

TREE TOAD.—This is a form of Hang Tag played by the modern Greeks. It is played where there are trees, the players jumping to clasp the trunk of the tree as a means of lifting their feet from the ground when the branches are too high to reach. This makes a very funny, vigorous, and interesting form of the game, to be played in a grove or shaded lawn.

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