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  • Geography

    It is evident, that to secure a complete system of teaching Geography in our Schools, there should be at least three grades of Text-books; namely, Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. As the necessity for a Geography more introductory in its character than those now in use has been long felt, the Author would respectfully solicit the notice of his fellow-teachers to this little work.

    Its plan is such, that the subject is presented in the most simple form.

    It treats of General Features, such as the locality and description of Continents, Countries, States, Rivers, Mountains, &c., without dwelling prematurely upon the minute details that embarrass the learner in his first effort.

    The Exercises are arranged in Question and Answer.

    The Maps are free from all meridians, parallels of latitude, and any superabundance of names; thereby giving a greater prominence to the general divisions of land and water.

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    Short Stories and Selections for Use in the Secondary Schools
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    Games For The Playground Games, Home, School and Gymnasium with pictures

  • Simple Stories For Kids
    Good morning, little boy; how do you do? Bring your little stool and sit down by me, for I have a great deal to tell you. I hope you have been a good boy, and read all the pretty words I wrote for you before. You have, you say; you have read them till you are tired, and you want some more new lessons. Come, then, sit down. Now you and I will tell stories.
  • Nursery Tales
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