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...athnak d) khant 5. kind a) kined b) dkin c) inkm d) kino 6. warm a) rawm b) morw c) worm d) varm 7. round a) drou b) noder c) rondur d) ornud 8. like a) keill b) llko c) keil d) ekif 9. ...
3. Math-worksheet.org
... solve each type of question). Currently the site has around 45 categories and about 135 videos. Each week there will be new categories and videos. Here is a example of video from the site:  ...
... Reg and Lellow stories and a series about Humphrey Bogin which have proved popular with both teachers and students around the world. You can get it here.  ...
... students, notes, discussions and messaging between members. It is really an extraordinary application, and it is fully translated into Spanish. Because, our members are from all around the world and from ...
6. Student Publishing
... along with hundreds of paint-able backgrounds and sticker outlines. These outlines facilitate the making of an attractive illustration, while still reflecting each student’s creativity through their placement ...
7. The Miser In The Bush
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... at last he offered a round hundred of florins that he had in his purse, and had just gained by cheating some poor fellow. When the countryman saw so much money, he said, 'I will agree to your proposal.' ...
8. Clever Elsie
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... brought a fowler's net with little bells and hung it round about her, and she still went on sleeping. Then he ran home, shut the house-door, and sat down in his chair and worked. At length, when it was ...
9. The Pink
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... want to kill me? Now will I pronounce thy sentence. You shall become a black poodle and have a gold collar round your neck, and shall eat burning coals, till the flames burst forth from your throat.' And ...
10. Snowdrop
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
It was the middle of winter, when the broad flakes of snow were falling around, that the queen of a country many thousand miles off sat working at her window. The frame of the window was made of fine ...
11. Sweethearth Roland
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... of blood on the ground, one in front of the bed, one in the kitchen, and one on the stairs. Then she hurried away with her lover. When the old witch got up next morning, she called her daughter, and ...
12. Frederick And Catherine
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... can't be cured must be endured",' said Catherine. So she turned round; and as she had run a good way and was tired, she walked home leisurely to cool herself. Now all this time the ale was running too, ...
13. The Little Peasant
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... me.' The peasant did not require to be invited twice, but got up and ate. After this the miller saw the skin in which the raven was, lying on the ground, and asked: 'What have you there?' The peasant answered: ...
14. The Old Man And His Grandson
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... bowl, and not even enough of it. And he used to look towards the table with his eyes full of tears. Once, too, his trembling hands could not hold the bowl, and it fell to the ground and broke. The young ...
15. Clever Gretel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... fire, basted them, and drove the spit merrily round. But as the roast meat smelt so good, Gretel thought: 'Something might be wrong, it ought to be tasted!' She touched it with her finger, and said: 'Ah! ...
16. Rumpelstilskin
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... to the wheel, and whistled and sang: 'Round about, round about, Lo and behold! Reel away, reel away, Straw into gold!' And round about the wheel went merrily; the work was quickly done, ...
17. Tom Thumb
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... and turning round her wheel; 'how happy should I be if I had but one child! If it were ever so small—nay, if it were no bigger than my thumb—I should be very happy, and love it dearly.' Now—odd as you ...
18. The Robber Bridegroom
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... and that she might be able to find her path again, she filled her pockets with peas and lentils to sprinkle on the ground as she went along. On reaching the entrance to the forest she found the path strewed ...
19. Little Red Riding Hood
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... so as to catch both.' So he walked for a short time by the side of Little Red-Cap, and then he said: 'See, Little Red-Cap, how pretty the flowers are about here—why do you not look round? I believe, too, ...
20. Hansel And Gretel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... the forest Hansel crumbled his in his pocket, and often stood still and threw a morsel on the ground. 'Hansel, why do you stop and look round?' said the father, 'go on.' 'I am looking back at my little ...
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