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... $500 and their class receives a SAMCAM 860 document camera. By getting into character they gain a better knowledge and understanding of who their chosen pioneer was and the impact they left on our country. ...
... books left over from this year’s school visits, and I’d like to show my appreciation for all the kids, teachers, and schools I’ve worked with over the past 10 years. Every school day in the month of ...
3. The Miser In The Bush
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... the countryman stopped his fiddle, and left the miser to take his place at the gallows.  ...
4. Clever Elsie
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... above her, which the masons had accidentally left there. Then Clever Elsie began to weep and said: 'If I get Hans, and we have a child, and he grows big, and we send him into the cellar here to draw ...
5. The Pink
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... himself: 'If the child has the power of wishing, and I am here, he might very easily get me into trouble.' So he left the palace and went to the boy, who was already big enough to speak, and said to him: ...
6. Snowdrop
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... child.' So he left her by herself; and though he thought it most likely that the wild beasts would tear her in pieces, he felt as if a great weight were taken off his heart when he had made up his mind ...
7. Sweethearth Roland
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... the place at the back, close by the wall. In the night, the old woman came creeping in, she held an axe in her right hand, and felt with her left to see if anyone were lying at the outside, and then she ...
8. Frederick And Catherine
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... almost ready, I may as well go to the cellar for the ale.' So she left the pan on the fire and took a large jug and went into the cellar and tapped the ale cask. The beer ran into the jug and Catherine ...
9. Clever Gretel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... run away with them!' 'That's a nice trick!' said her master, and lamented the fine chickens. 'If he had but left me one, so that something remained for me to eat.' He called to him to stop, but the guest ...
10. Rumpelstilskin
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... that it was only a silly boast of her father, for that she could do no such thing as spin straw into gold: the chamber door was locked, and she was left alone. She sat down in one corner of the room, ...
11. Tom Thumb
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... and the worst of it was, that more and more hay was always coming down, and the space left for him became smaller and smaller. At last he cried out as loud as he could, 'Don't bring me any more hay! Don't ...
12. The Robber Bridegroom
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... left on her finger, and as it was difficult to draw off, he took a hatchet and cut off her finger; but the finger sprang into the air and fell behind the great cask into my lap. And here is the finger ...
13. Mother Holle
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... the apples came falling down upon her like rain; but she continued shaking until there was not a single apple left upon it. Then she carefully gathered the apples together in a heap and walked on again. ...
14. Hansel And Gretel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... 'O, you fool!' said she, 'then we must all four die of hunger, you may as well plane the planks for our coffins,' and she left him no peace until he consented. 'But I feel very sorry for the poor children, ...
15. The Valiant Little Tailor
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... came to the outskirts of the forest, he said to his followers: 'Just stay waiting here, I alone will soon finish off the giants.' Then he bounded into the forest and looked about right and left. After ...
16. Rapunzel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... her left hand, seized a pair of scissors with the right, and snip, snap, they were cut off, and the lovely braids lay on the ground. And she was so pitiless that she took poor Rapunzel into a desert where ...
17. The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... and fell back into the water and were all carried away by the stream and drowned. Thus Chanticleer was left alone with his dead Partlet; and having dug a grave for her, he laid her in it, and made a ...
18. The Goose - Girl
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
The king of a great land died, and left his queen to take care of their only child. This child was a daughter, who was very beautiful; and her mother loved her dearly, and was very kind to her. And ...
19. The Fisherman And His Wife
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... talk: so swim away, sir, as soon as you please!' Then he put him back into the water, and the fish darted straight down to the bottom, and left a long streak of blood behind him on the wave. When the ...
20. The Twelve Dancing Princesses
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... lay in their twelve beds. There he was to sit and watch where they went to dance; and, in order that nothing might pass without his hearing it, the door of his chamber was left open. But the king's son ...
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