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1. Clever Elsie
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... she placed the can before her, and turned the tap, and while the beer was running she would not let her eyes be idle, but looked up at the wall, and after much peering here and there, saw a pick-axe exactly ...
2. The Little Peasant
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... fast as he could, and the miller said: 'It was true; I saw the black rascal with my own eyes.' The peasant, however, made off next morning by daybreak with the three hundred talers. At home the small ...
3. The Old Man And His Grandson
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
There was once a very old man, whose eyes had become dim, his ears dull of hearing, his knees trembled, and when he sat at table he could hardly hold the spoon, and spilt the broth upon the table-cloth ...
4. Tom Thumb
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... of food, yet for all they could do he never grew bigger, but kept just the same size as he had been when he was born. Still, his eyes were sharp and sparkling, and he soon showed himself to be a clever ...
5. Little Red Riding Hood
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... that you do not hear how sweetly the little birds are singing; you walk gravely along as if you were going to school, while everything else out here in the wood is merry.' Little Red-Cap raised her eyes, ...
6. Hansel And Gretel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... was blowing backwards and forwards. And as they had been sitting such a long time, their eyes closed with fatigue, and they fell fast asleep. When at last they awoke, it was already dark night. Gretel ...
7. The Valiant Little Tailor
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... to the little tailor to offer him military service when he awoke. The ambassador remained standing by the sleeper, waited until he stretched his limbs and opened his eyes, and then conveyed to him this ...
8. Rapunzel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... Rapunzel, Let down your hair to me.' Immediately the hair fell down and the king's son climbed up. At first Rapunzel was terribly frightened when a man, such as her eyes had never yet beheld, came ...
9. The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... face, but the pin ran into him and pricked him: then he walked into the kitchen to light his pipe at the fire, but when he stirred it up the eggshells flew into his eyes, and almost blinded him. 'Bless ...
10. The Goose - Girl
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... gate, and heard how she spoke to Falada, and how Falada answered. Then he went into the field, and hid himself in a bush by the meadow's side; and he soon saw with his own eyes how they drove the flock ...
11. The Frog - Prince
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... beautiful eyes she had ever seen, and standing at the head of her bed. He told her that he had been enchanted by a spiteful fairy, who had changed him into a frog; and that he had been fated so to abide ...
12. Briar Rose
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... beautiful that he could not take his eyes off her, so he stooped down and gave her a kiss. But the moment he kissed her she opened her eyes and awoke, and smiled upon him; and they went out together; and ...
13. The Travelling Musicians
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... he marched into the kitchen, and groped about till he found a match in order to light a candle; and then, espying the glittering fiery eyes of the cat, he mistook them for live coals, and held the match ...
14. Jorinda And Jorindel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... changed into a nightingale, so that her song ended with a mournful jug, jug. An owl with fiery eyes flew three times round them, and three times screamed: 'Tu whu! Tu whu! Tu whu!' Jorindel could ...
15. Hans In Luck
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... his eyes sparkled for joy, and he said to himself, 'Surely I must have been born in a lucky hour; everything I could want or wish for comes of itself. People are so kind; they seem really to think I do ...
16. The Golden Bird
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... long while after, he went to walk one day in the wood, and the old fox met him, and besought him with tears in his eyes to kill him, and cut off his head and feet. And at last he did so, and in a moment ...
... puppet hair, and mini-Art frames. Your house is full of preschool curriculum! Keep you eyes open and let your imagination run wild! Cookie sheets can double as a surface for magnetic letters or a base ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
... of a color,—red, violet, green, etc. The players who are seated then close their eyes, and those who represent colors change places in the line. When they are rearranged, those who are seated open their ...
19. I SPY
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
(See Hide and Seek for list of other games of this type.) 3 to 30 or more players. Out of doors; indoors. One player is chosen to be the spy, who blinds his eyes at a central goal while the other ...
(Lessons/Games for the playground)
2 to 20 or more players. Indoors; out of doors. This is a simple form of "I spy," played by very little children. One covers his eyes or blinds and the others hide. When securely hidden, they call ...
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