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Hi teachers! Today I got an e-mail from Derek Munson the author of Enemy Pie book and he is giving away FREE books :). Here is his message: "The school year is winding down, I’ve got some extra ...
2. The Miser In The Bush
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... he met an old miser: close by them stood a tree, and on the topmost twig sat a thrush singing away most joyfully. 'Oh, what a pretty bird!' said the miser; 'I would give a great deal of money to have such ...
3. Clever Elsie
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... I will do that.' After Hans had gone away, she cooked herself some good broth and took it into the field with her. When she came to the field she said to herself: 'What shall I do; shall I cut first, or ...
4. The Pink
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... and stole it away, and he took a hen, and cut it in pieces, and dropped some of its blood on the queen's apron and on her dress. Then he carried the child away to a secret place, where a nurse was obliged ...
5. Snowdrop
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... away into the wide wood, that I may never see her any more.' Then the servant led her away; but his heart melted when Snowdrop begged him to spare her life, and he said, 'I will not hurt you, thou pretty ...
6. Sweethearth Roland
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... grasped the axe with both hands, and cut her own child's head off. When she had gone away, the girl got up and went to her sweetheart, who was called Roland, and knocked at his door. When he came out, ...
7. Frederick And Catherine
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... stood looking on. At last it popped into her head, 'The dog is not shut up—he may be running away with the steak; that's well thought of.' So up she ran from the cellar; and sure enough the rascally cur ...
8. The Little Peasant
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... said: 'Oh, but I must have my beast back again.' Then they went back to the meadow together, but someone had stolen the calf, and it was gone. The cow-herd said: 'It must have run away.' The peasant, however, ...
9. Clever Gretel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... were nearly ready, but the guest had not yet arrived. Then Gretel called out to her master: 'If the guest does not come, I must take the fowls away from the fire, but it will be a sin and a shame if they ...
10. Rumpelstilskin
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... to the wheel, and whistled and sang: 'Round about, round about, Lo and behold! Reel away, reel away, Straw into gold!' And round about the wheel went merrily; the work was quickly done, ...
11. Tom Thumb
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... the country as we go along.' So they did as he wished; and when Tom had taken leave of his father they took him away with them. They journeyed on till it began to be dusky, and then the little man said, ...
12. The Robber Bridegroom
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... the old woman called out, 'Come and eat your suppers, and let the thing be till tomorrow; the finger won't run away.' 'The old woman is right,' said the robbers, and they ceased looking for the finger ...
13. Little Red Riding Hood
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... away so early, Little Red-Cap?' 'To my grandmother's.' 'What have you got in your apron?' 'Cake and wine; yesterday was baking-day, so poor sick grandmother is to have something good, to make her ...
14. Mother Holle
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
...  The next thing she came to was a little house, and there she saw an old woman looking out, with such large teeth, that she was terrified, and turned to run away. But the old woman called after her, 'What ...
15. The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... bird made the fire, and the mouse put on the pot, and then these two waited till the sausage returned with the fuel for the following day. But the sausage remained so long away, that they became uneasy, ...
16. Hansel And Gretel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... by the fire and rest, we will go into the forest and cut some wood. When we have done, we will come back and fetch you away.' Hansel and Gretel sat by the fire, and when noon came, each ate a little ...
17. The Valiant Little Tailor
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... be good, so weigh me out four ounces, dear woman, and if it is a quarter of a pound that is of no consequence.' The woman who had hoped to find a good sale, gave him what he desired, but went away quite ...
18. Fundevogel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... and at the top of this a little child was sitting, for the mother had fallen asleep under the tree with the child, and a bird of prey had seen it in her arms, had flown down, snatched it away, and set ...
19. Rapunzel
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... rampion (rapunzel), and it looked so fresh and green that she longed for it, she quite pined away, and began to look pale and miserable. Then her husband was alarmed, and asked: 'What ails you, dear wife?' ...
20. The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet
(Fairy Tales/Brothers Grimm)
... takes them all away.' 'With all my heart,' said Partlet, 'let us go and make a holiday of it together.' So they went to the mountains; and as it was a lovely day, they stayed there till the evening. ...
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